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Cuzco image 1

1) Cuzco occupies a relatively narrow east-west valley, constrained by hills on either side.

Landsat TM image, 30m resolution, circa 1990, with Band 7 displayed as red, Band 4 as green and Band 2 as blue.
Landsat TM imagery provided by NASA.

Cuzco image 2

2) With the hilltop fortress of Saqsaywaman, the layout of Cuzco resembles a puma.

Landsat TM imagery provided by NASA.

Cuzco image 3

3) The street-plan of Cuzco shows its puma-like layout, with its fortified 'head' containing the military and administrative nerve-centre (Menotti 1998)

The Inkas: last stage of stone masonry development in the Andes, Francesco Menotti (1998)

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