The East Jazira

This area is an arbitrarily-selected segment of a more or less continuous spread of tell settlements in the eastern part of the northern Fertile Crescent, the Jazira (the Arabic word for "island", indicating its well-defined margins, delimited by the mountains and the dry belt). This segment bridges the eastern part of the Khabur catchment in Syria and the western catchment of the middle Tigris in Iraq. (Nineveh, one of the capitals of Assyria, can be seen in the lower left.)


This SRTM terrain model at c. 1:200,000 shows some well-known tells such as Tell Hawa (left) and Tell Hamoukar (right). Compare Jason Ur, Urbanism and Society in the Third Millennium BC Upper Khabur Basin, Figure 5.27.


The same area as above with  a draped Landsat image.

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