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Gazatteer of Prehistoric Crete

T. Wilson†, J. Bennet & J. Cherry (Unpublished) Gazatteer of Prehistoric Crete

Intended as a complementary addition to the first Gazetteer of Aegean Civilisation in the Bronze Age volume, this database includes over 800 sites recorded in Crete with notes on each, an indication of dating spatial reference. Used with permission of J. Bennet and J. Cherry.

Spatial Information:
The gazatteer uses an eight-figure grid reference based upon a truncated version of the British military grid for Crete (BCZ). This co-ordinate system is used on the British military map series GSGS 4426 but is different from the BMZ grid used for the maps of the mainland (GSGS 4439). The process of conversion will be similar to that for Gazetteer of Aegean Civilisation in the Bronze Age in that the co-ordinates must first be translated into a full grid Geodetic co-ordinates with GEOTRANS.

British Military Grid: Cretan Zone (BCZ)
Uses a 'Lambert Conic Conformal' projection (compare the Mediterranean Zone grid) the projection is a tangent one (therefore a scale factor of 1 at the origin).

Reliability Rating: 90
(See reliability system employed to judge co-ordinates.)

input by:
Toby Wilkinson, Deborah Harlan


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