ArchAtlas Journal - Tell Aswad Archaeological Atlas Project: all essays referring to Tell Aswad 2018-03-23T10:29:39+00:00 ArchAtlas,2010: The Origins of Farming in South-West,2010: Sherratt
Satellite images provide a convenient means of understanding why early sites were chosen for settlement, and of visualising the routes that linked them. These two factors (location amongst critical resources, and position in wider networks) interacted with each other: oases were occupied both because of their local advantages, and also because they acted as stepping-stones on routes carrying desirable materials over long distances. This presentation applies these arguments to a critical problem in prehistoric archaeology: where precisely did farming first emerge in western Asia?

Sites from Satellites: Tell Aswad,,2010: Sherratt
Seen from space, Tell Aswad, near Damascus, occupied an important position in a fertile plain on the route between the Jordan valley and the Middle Euphrates