Tell Abu Hureyra

Decimal degrees: 35.867N, 38.400 E; WGS84.
UTM: 37S, 445832(e), 3969363(n); WGS84.
Alternate Name(s) and Spellings: Tell Abu Huhrayra
Confidence: 5 = Medium, co-ordinate may be imprecise. Suggest co-ordinate ->


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The Obsidian Trade in the Near East, 14,000 to 6500 BC Andrew Sherratt
Obsidian Trade in the Near East, 14,000 to 6500 BC (2005)
Obsidian, a black volcanic glass, was first recognized by Colin Renfrew and his colleagues J.E. Dixon and J.R. Cann in the 1960s as a uniquely sensitive indicator of prehistoric trade, both because of the great desirability of this material before the use of metals, and also because the trace-elements it contains are usually diagnostic of individual sources. Based on data extracted from M.-C. Cauvin et al., L'obsidienne au Proche et Moyen Orient: du volcan à l'outil (Oxford: BAR Int. Ser. 738), maps indicate the flows of material from two major source-areas.


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