Qara Qosh

Decimal degrees: 36.27043N, 43.37628 E; WGS84.
UTM: 38S, 354153(e), 4015166(n); WGS84.
Confidence: 0 = Unassessed, position may be unknown. Suggest co-ordinate ->


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Ancient Near Eastern Route Systems Tony J. Wilkinson, Department of Archaeology, University of Durham
Ancient Near Eastern Route Systems: From the Ground Up (Nov. 2007)
A particularly common trace of ancient route systems on the ground is the 'hollow way'. In the Middle East hollow ways, like their counterparts in the UK and Europe, appear as long, usually straight valleys. This paper examines the traces of these ancient route systems in the Ancient Near East according to their pattern, processes of formation, parallels elsewhere, and their function.


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