Decimal degrees: 37.730506N, 22.756501 E; WGS84.
UTM: 34S, 654784(e), 4177366(n); WGS84.
Non-Latin Local Name: Μυκήναι
A site made famous by the excavations of H. Schliemann and its association with king Agamemnon from the Homeric epics, the archaeology has revealed a series of richly endowed elite burials and a Late Bronze Age 'Mycenaean palace' (ca.1600-1200BC).
Confidence: 9 = Very Good, co-ordinate very likely to be correct.


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Sites and Landscapes in 3D: Mycenae Andrew Sherratt and Francesco Menotti
Sites and Landscapes in 3D: Mycenae (2006)
Three-dimensional VRML geographical map of the Greek site of Mycenae, the Bronze Age site located on the trans-isthmian route between the Aegean and Italy, via the Gulf of Corinth.
Portages Andrew Sherratt
Portages (2005)
Early trading networks carried relatively small quantities of valuable goods, often over considerable distances, both by land and water. The relationship between overland transport and carriage by river or sea helps to explain why trading centres rose to prominence at certain key positions on these routes. With very small quantities of goods, light vessels might be carried over short distances between rivers; and even when the bulk of traded goods increased, it might still be advantageous to carry the goods for short distances overland from one port to another. Sites at such break-of-bulk points became major nodes in the transport network. This presentation explores the changing geometry of early trade-routes, and especially the interface between land and sea.
Sites from Satellites: Mycenae, Greece Andrew Sherratt
Sites from Satellites: Mycenae, Greece (2004)
Viewed from space, the Greek Bronze Age site of Mycenae is located on the trans-isthmian route between the Aegean and Italy, via the Gulf of Corinth.


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