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Gazetteer of Aegean Civilisation in the Bronze Age (GABCA)

Hope Simpson, R. & O. Dickinson. 1979 A Gazetteer of Aegean Civilisation in the Bronze Age. Göteborg: Paul Åströms Förlag

This gazetteer focuses on the Bronze Age sites of the Greek mainland, including around 1200 sites.

Spatial Information:
The spatial references used for the majority of sites are a truncated version of the co-ordinates used on the British Military map series GSGS 4439 (with the top and bottom of the full co-ordinates cut off) and a reference to the map-sheet that the site appears on. A script (gacba.script) has been written which can predict the full BMZ co-ordinates on the basis of the map-sheet number. With information kindly provided by the Defence Geographic and Imagery Agency (see the information on BMZ co-ordinates), it is then possible to convert these co-ordinates into Geodetic co-ordinates by using the GEOTRANS utility using a 'Lambert Conformal Conic' projection.

British Military Grid: Mediterranean Zone (BMZ)
The British Military Grid for the Mediterranean Zone uses a 'Lambert Conic Conformal' projection (details given below) and is given in metres North and East from the false origin eg. 100,000mE, 230,000mN.

Reliability Rating: 90
(See reliability system employed to judge co-ordinates.)


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