What is an ArchAtlas feed?

Feeds allow ArchAtlas, like many websites, to expose its structure or data in a way which allows external feed-based programs (like newsreaders) or other web projects to access and integrate that data.

ArchAtlas makes available a number of different feeds for different purposes (full list below), using a number of different standard formats. For example the 'journal' feed allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest essays published in the journal, and the 'atlas-sites' feed allows instant access to all sites in the OpenAtlas.

 How can I use an ArchAtlas feed? How do I find out more about feeds in general?

Most users will probably be only interested in the 'news' or 'journal' feeds. These can be used in Atom based news readers (such as NetNewsWire, Times, Thunderbird, or any of the online syndication readers). Other feeds are for more advanced usage.

To start to find out about feeds, we recommend looking at something like the BBC's description of its News feeds http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/help/3223484.stm.

 Licensing: Are we allowed to republish the output from these feeds on other websites?

Creative Commons License We use the Creative Commons scheme to licence our feeds: unless specified otherwise, the below public feeds are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

In brief, this allows you to re-publish these feeds in derivative works (for non-commercial purposes) using the data provided and link to the relevant sections of our website without explicit permission. However, it requires that you acknowledge authorship (ie. ArchAtlas), and make the derivative work available on the same basis. So yes, you can use the feeds on your website.

For other uses you still need to contact us. Please note that this licence covers the output of the feeds but not the other contents of the website.

 Full list of currently available public ArchAtlas feeds
Feed NameFormatDescription
  news-atom AtomThis Atom feed lists the most recent news items in the ArchAtlas news blog/"What's new?" page.


  journal-atom AtomThis Atom feed lists the most recent visual essays in the ArchAtlas Journal with direct links to the essays in question.


  journal-bysite-atom AtomThis Atom feed lists only those journal entries linked to the OpenAtlas site referenced by the s=XX field or using the universal Site Identifier (suid=YY). You need to replace the XX to the appropriate s= value shown on the OpenAtlas site description page's url.


  atlas-sites-atom Atom GeoRSSAn atom feed whose entries represent all the sites in the OpenAtlas with links to OpenAtlas site description pages, includes co-ordinates through GeoRSS extensions, sorted by most recently updated first.


  atlas-sites-kml KMLThis is a KML feed designed to be used as a Network Link within Google Earth or used for other syndication. General users can more easily download the ArchAtlas KML link file from ArchAtlas on Google Earth in order to access the same data. The feed is described here for advanced users. Includes all sites in the OpenAtlas and description bubbles which link to the OpenAtlas site description pages.


  atlas-sites-allperiods-kml KMLThis KML feed outputs those sites which have temporal data attached in folder groups which can be switched on and off by user, but importantly each folder also includes <TimeSpan> tags for use in search and animation purposes. Please note that the temporal dating provided here is of a very broad basis to facilitate searching and NOT to provide definitive dating of sites.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


How to cite this page: 'Feeds for syndication, data exchange and interlinking', ArchAtlas, Version 4.1, http://www.archatlas.org/feeds/feeds.php, Accessed: 18 February 2019