Sos Höyük

Decimal degrees: 39.9938N, 41.5223 E; WGS84.
UTM: 37S, 715334(e), 4430116(n); WGS84.
Confidence: 10 = Excellent, co-ordinate obtained from verified GPS.


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Pathways and Highways Toby Wilkinson, University of Sheffield
Pathways and highways: routes in Bronze Age Eurasia (Oct. 2009)
This visual essay explores the possibility of delineating two different types of routes, "pathways" and "highways", and the extent to which archaeology can help to analyse them. The technologies of cost-raster GIS analysis are introduced and applied to two case studies in Eastern Anatolia and Western Central Asia, c. 3000-1000 BC. It is to be hoped that the highlighted patterns, combined with a knowledge of contemporary material transformations, will provide insights into the processes of socio-economic change across these reconstructed networks of interaction.


  Site Condition, Preservation and Accessibility
Current or recorded site condition:
Site in danger of slow destruction
Modern village construction has eaten into mound
Site accessibility to general public:
Open or public area
Map showing historical imagery where available


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