was the inspired creation of Professor Andrew Sherratt, and its origins lay in thirty years of research and teaching in world archaeology. The web site started as a small pilot project in 2000, making use of new technologies, to provide an outlet for ideas which could not be expressed in other media. Much of the initial content, images and text were created by Andrew or under his direction, from the cited sources, and reflected his opinions about the topics under discussion.


Professor Andrew Sherratt, ScD (1946-2006)

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The realisation of this project continues to be made possible, after Professor Sherratt's death, through the collaboration of the team, contributors and associates, whose skills and ideas contribute to its development and future direction. We hope that will stand not simply as monument to Andrew's research and teaching, but provide inspiration for scholars to take his work in new and exciting directions. For a brief sketch of the original ArchAtlas concept, see Professor Sherratt's Introduction to the Project.



Sue Sherratt

Academic Director (2006 – )

Dr. Susan Sherratt
Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield
E-mail: s.sherratt@sheffield.ac.uk

Toby Wilkinson

Project Co-ordinator (2004 – )
Digital mapping

Toby C. Wilkinson
Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield
E-mail: t.wilkinson@sheffield.ac.uk

Debi Harlan

Project Co-ordinator (2005 – )
Web development

Deborah K. Harlan
Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield
E-mail: d.harlan@sheffield.ac.uk

Simone Mulh

Database developer (2005-2006)

Simone Mühl
Institute for Sciences of Antiquity, University of Heidelberg

Francesco Menotti

Project Co-ordinator (2000-2005)

Dr. Francesco Menotti
Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

is also supported by a growing number of specialist Associates who provide support, advice and data on regional, chronological or even technical topics outside the expertise of core team members.



Dr. Peter Haarer (Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, University of Oxford)
Dr. Carrie Hritz (The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)
Dr. Gunnar Lehmann (Department of Archaeology, Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
Björn Menze (Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing, University of Heidelberg)
Prof. Mehmet Özdoğan (Department of Archaeology, University of Istanbul)
Dr. Cameron Petrie (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge)
Dr. Michael Roaf (Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, University of Munich)
Dr. Eva Rosenstock (Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology, Berlin)
Dr. Corinne Roughley (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge)
Dr. Jason Ur (Department of Anthropology, Harvard University)
Prof. Tony Wilkinson (Department of Archaeology, Durham University)


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