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ArchAtlasGE2006.kml (Network Links to dynamic database)
Layers refreshable and therefore this need only be downloaded once per machine for the latest data.

What's included?

" OpenAtlas". - A growing collection of well-known archaeological sites. If you have found an important archaeological site on Google Earth, which you feel should be added to the database, or have its exact co-ordinates, please tell us!

"Sites from Satellites". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both Google Earth and Google Maps

"Sites & Landscapes in 3D". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both Google Earth and Google Maps

"Panoramas". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both Google Earth and Google Maps

Also in experimental form: Catalhuyuk overlays (not shown automatically).

The contents of ArchAtlas on GoogleEarth will be automatically updated on reloading Google Earth or by refreshing the layer - once you have downloaded the above file and added it to your Google Earth Places, then the most up-to-date database will be used.


In order to use this extension you need the latest version of Google Earth which may be downloaded for free from http://earth.google.com. We have noticed that some early versions of GE do not work with the extension because they cannot handle certain characters. This problem appears to have been fixed in the current beta versions and we recommend that you update in any case.

(Since many programs are beginning to support KML files, you may find this download works for other viewers).

How to Use

Download and load the KML file above containing the Network Links. The dynamic data, both current definite and experimental interfaces, will be loaded and shown on screen. Once you have saved these into your My Places, the data will be refreshed from archatlas.org automatically whenever Google Earth is reloaded.

Please also note Disclaimer regarding co-ordinate accuracy

How to Comment

Development by Toby C. Wilkinson, please use the feedback form for comments


Below: a selection of ASPRO prehistoric Near Eastern sites (not clickable). See: http://www.mom.fr/ASPRO/


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